B.A.C.H. (Barbara A. Celkupa Herrick) has composed a new genre of music embodying the spirit and idea of our age as we enter The Millennium. These original compositions for the piano integrate a wide range of dynamic expression, beautiful melodies, driving rhythms, and virtuoso technique.

The music blends classical with jazz elements and repetitive rhythms, with themes reminiscent of the Silk and Trade Routes from The Isles and Europe, through the Balkans, and Middle East, to Central and Far East Asia, and North Africa. One might recognize Byzantine and Tibetan Chants, Celtic Myth, and Central Asian Themes. The pieces have been composed with the same idea as a painter would paint a canvas.

Each individual perceives in each work something from their own personal experience, the listeners are invited to use the music as an OPENING and journey through their creative imagination to points of insight and personal meaning. The music evokes in the listener an overall mood of peace, harmony, and serenity: The Heartbeat Of Life.

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